Breathe, just breathe.

Just breathe
Just breathe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been about six weeks ago that I woke up with a nagging little pain on the top of my foot that spelled stress fracture somewhere below. After 10 days of cross training, I’ve been quietly ramping back up to full throttle.

Thing is, full throttle has never included a puppy.

Mr. Boggs has definitely put a crimp in my schedule. Some days it’s been 1:00 in the afternoon before I get to the shower.

Yesterday I was actually chewing the last bite of an energy bar in the shower.

Everything has to be done it seems while he’s asleep, and he never sleeps when I want him to.

Today the moon and stars lined up and I got out the door for my run at a decent time but I had so much on my mind I could hardly concentrate on a run.

The nice thing about living in a small town is you know the best routes like the palm of your hand – where the sidewalks end, where the tough hills are, how far this road goes before it turns into that road. This is important for me since I get so absorbed in my run, it only takes one wrong turn and I’m lost for miles.

English: Historic Brick Sidewalks

So I head down for a run straight through town; something I won’t do when summer gets here and the sidewalks are full of tourist.

When I parked my jeep, the digital thermometer reads 30 degrees and I’m thinking winter really won’t give up this year. I think about the laundry that’s waiting for me at home, all the projects around the house that have been let go since Mr. Boggs arrived, phone calls, emails to return.

By the time I reached the pretty brick sidewalks of the downtown area a few minutes later, Seal was singing “I just want to be free” in my ear and I was saying back to him “you have no idea.”

But eventually my fingers warmed up, my legs felt more relaxed and the hills started doing their job and distracted my thoughts completely.

The return trip on this route is 2-1/2 miles of varying degrees of up. Sometimes I’ll park at the other end and take the hill first. It doesn’t matter, it’s hard both ways.

But when I run on the bricks of the little downtown area on the way back to the Jeep, the song that’s playing is saying “breathe, just breathe” and, I decide that’s the best thing to concentrate on…for the rest of the day.

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