New Shoes for Easter

I am a preacher’s kid and Easter was always a very big deal in our house. We didn’t have a lot of money but somehow we always had a new dress, patent leather shoes, gloves and a hat for Easter Sunday. My sisters weren’t too much for the hat and gloves but to this day I like wearing both.

Chocolate Stiletto

And, I love high heels. When we moved to Ecuador we had to inventory everything we took with us. Each box had the contents written on the side for everyone to see.

Seems my boxes of shoes caught everyone’s attention. Box after box simply said, “52 women’s shoes” or “30 pairs of shoes and boots.” Even after getting rid of every pair I could part with, I still seem to have too many shoes.

Running shoes have not been the exception. When we lived close to a Nike outlet, I’d just stop in for a quick look and if my size was on clearance, I’d bring them home. At times there were 10,12 maybe 14 pair of running shoes in my closet. I had enough to wear a different pair each day so no one pair was duplicated during the week.

I’m not quite as bad now and limit myself to 2 or 3 pair of different varieties to cover all types of runs. Each pair gets the date of purchase written somewhere on the side so I can remember how old they are. Some runners number their shoes and keep a record in their calendar of how many miles they’ve logged on that particular pair. I tried this approach once but it seemed  more than I could keep up with – so I go by “feel” with a reference back to how old they happen to be.

Once a salesman convinced me to buy a half-size larger – he said my shoes were too short. My running shoes have always been the same size as my dress shoe, size 7. But I let this man convince me I was wrong and bought the pair of 7-1/2s. Problem was, these shoes moved around on my foot and caused blisters on the first run. It’s the only time I remember returning a pair of shoes to the store.

This salesman had told me a half-size bigger would keep me from getting black toenails. My theory is black nails happen when the toenail is too long…. and, eventually a black toenail will fall off and leave you with no toenail at all.  Best to keep them short and avoid this altogether.

Last Saturday, my husband and I went out searching for the next pair of running shoes. We were reluctantly ready to pay full price when we spotted the sale room in the back corner. Just a little more searching and he found a pair of Brooks Ghost 4 in my size. I realize the Ghost 5s are already out but I don’t mind last year’s model. They fit perfect. So one pair of old shoes got left in the donation box and the Ghost came home with me.running shoes

Sometimes I look at my new shoes and wonder where will they take me. What new adventures will they partner with me on that we haven’t even learned about yet.

Like your partner in life, it’s important that they complement your stride and that they’re comfortable for the long run. It doesn’t matter if they’re last year’s model or if they sport the latest technology and the newest colors. As long as they are the perfect fit, they can go with you anywhere.

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