Kudos to Active

Seems there really were some “technical issues” with the registration process for the Marine Corps Marathon last week. I had read several other runners post about their registration experience – some going through quickly and others that never made it.

As I posted that day, my registration took about 1-1/2 hours but I suspected without the system crashes, the race may have sold out much sooner.

Image representing Active.com as depicted in C...

Active.com issued an apology last night:

Have you ever had a race where after months or even years of training, eating right, listening to your coaches, investing in new gear, it went badly?….

This happened to Active last week and we feel sick about it. Marine Corps Marathon was ready to sell-out in record time. We were ready. And, we tripped at the starting line. We are truly sorry the registration experience did not reflect the iconic Marine Corps Marathon itself…..

In order to create some good out of a frustrating experience, we’re donating all of our fees associated with this race to two causes we can all get behind, the Wounded Warrior Project and Semper Fi Fund. Our mission is to make the world a more active place. There are hundreds of charities aligned with our mission but these two have specific programs that support our military on the road to creating an active life through the sport of running. ….

Good for them! It’s not easy to say you’re sorry and I’m sure even harder to forfeit profit.

It was a frustrating process but since I was 30 minutes late getting started with my registration, I realize now I likely would have never gotten into the race had it not been for these problems.

A lucky break for me this time.

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