Take a Rest Day.

Not too long ago I read that if you feel a little pain, take a rest day. “You’ll be amazed how much healing your body can do with just one day of rest” the coach went on to say. I’m not one to add an unscheduled rest day often, but I’ve learned to switch days on the calendar with no guilt whatsoever if necessary.

On Monday, the workers didn’t show up like they had planned, so I spent the afternoon working in the garden. It was nice to have a quiet day alone for a change and I enjoyed the day immensely. Then there was Tuesday.

I treated myself on Tuesday morning to a car wash for the Jeep. They cleaned off the mud from the drive down a dirt road last week, all the sand, gravel and leaves from the garden center that resided on the floor mats, and the little nose prints from the insides of the windows. It looked fabulous. It rained Tuesday night…and for two more days after that.

Wednesday morning I woke up with poison ivy on both arms.

imageMr. Boggs has started flipping all the bowls over and barking at them when they don’t upright themselves.

Thursday morning he learned to flip the water bowl. We had a flood in the kitchen for a little while.

The guys folded one of the area rugs back so they wouldn’t track saw dust all over it, but I forgot about this as I walked by with my coffee cup Friday morning. I tried to figure out what was wrong with my feet as I hung in a forward propulsion, but to no avail.

As I flung forward, there were dogs on all four sides, but Baby Boggs was dead center of the catastrophe. He yelped as I landed – coffee and frothed milk flew everywhere.

I intended to run in spite of the week and decided to park in a lot downtown and run past the antique district and down the sidewalk on a fairly flat route just outside of town. As I parked the Jeep, it was drizzling rain, cold and the wind had picked up again.

There were big signs advertising 3 estate sales in one shop. So, I gathered my things and decided I’d stroll through just to relax myself before the run. Then I thought I felt a little pain in my foot, maybe there was a slight tingle in my leg. I don’t know – maybe I was feeling a bit of a headache. I never broke my stride as I left one shop and headed into the next one.

"TUESDAY" production sign
“TUESDAY” production sign (Photo credit: Vaguely Artistic)

When I first wrote about the theory of Terrible Tuesdays, my son called me that night and said, “MOM! You’ve jinxed my Tuesdays!”

If you find you too are trapped in a week full of Tuesdays, take a rest day. We’ll all blame it on my ex-boyfriend (see my earlier post for details) and things will be better tomorrow.

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