A Rest Day I Did Not Want

It’s 8:45a Friday morning, my only rest day of the week, and I’m sitting on a church bench…at the courthouse. There are 87 people ahead of me according to the yellow paper they handed me at the door.


Several months ago my husband’s license tags were due for renewal and being the one responsible for paying the bills, I promptly mailed the check for the replacement sticker. Having never had license plates in North Carolina, we forgot an inspection was required first. They kept my money and told me as soon as we completed the inspection the sticker would arrive. I waited, and waited….and waited.


What they don’t realize is my husband’s car spends the week in Georgia, not North Carolina. There seemed to never be time for that inspection. That’s when the first ticket came and my husband felt some pressure to comply. The court date came and went. A lawyer was hired to plead for continuance, and finally……my Jeep spent the week in Georgia and the car was left with me to comply with the inspection.


The inspection only took 15 minutes. I had it done before I went for a morning run. imagePulling out of the station I wondered why this was procrastinated so long. I happened to glance in my rear view mirror – a menacing looking car was behind me. It took a minute for it to sink in – it was an unmarked patrol car. Of course!

Then I got a ticket.


So here we both sit on this church bench. I’ve told him twice now I shouldn’t have to be here – it’s his car. He has told me twice I could go home. Yeah, right.

My husband’s patience factor is better than mine…..maybe because he’s been in these situations before. Let’s just say he tends to find himself on the edge.

He traveled ahead of me to Ecuador to meet our containers. We thought he would be there about a week. They took his passport; he couldn’t leave the country. I didn’t see him again for almost four months. When we were leaving Ecuador, they confiscated his passport again, wouldn’t let him leave the country – this after I and our four dogs were already on the plane.

A few years ago I got a call in the middle of the night – he had been arrested at the Pakistani border. He was laughing! Some misunderstanding about his passport, he said. It happened again when he traveled to China. I asked him, what happened? He grinned and told me, “I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Good lord.


And still here we sit. He’s patiently watching everybody, everything…wondering if he should reschedule his 11:00a conference call. I’m worrying about the guy coughing right behind me and whether we’ll get out in time for lunch.

I asked him if he has learned anything by this. He says, “Yeah, I don’t want to do this again.” (Later he said to me, “I should have bought somebody’s low number.”)

All of my gardening projects were saved for today. I was going to spend the afternoon re-organizing a couple of closets. There were oodles of things I had planned for this day when I did not run. Instead I have had a total day of rest that I did not want.

The pièce de résistance: I didn’t even have to be there. Said lawyer had gotten my case dismissed.

2 thoughts on “A Rest Day I Did Not Want

  1. Marcie!!! what an adventure. I would have felt just as frustrated! Your husband’s attitude – if you could bottle it and sell it – ” Patience Potion” You’d be rich!


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