…and I thought, “What have I done to myself this time.”

If there is such a thing as lying by omission, I am guilty as charged. Sometimes you can answer a question, or tell a story, and draw one to a satisfactory conclusion without having told the whole truth. I did this only once with my mother. Grounded and stuck at home all night, I tried to justify to her that I had not told a fib. She said, “Maybe not, but you did not tell the truth either!”

I have written to this blog three times and did not mention that I haven’t run in nine days…..nine miserable days.

Last Monday, the first day of the taper, I was tired and my legs were sore but everything seemed to be in tact. Tuesday, I went to the track for an easy 5-mile run. I was looking forward to it actually. On Sunday I read that one should avoid hills during the taper to allow the body to recover from running hills for so many weeks. This was all I needed to hear. I would run on the track for the next three weeks!

Two steps into that run I stopped in sheer horror. My sore ankle was more than sore – there was pain. I walked off the track and never looked back. Although I cycled, I spent a good deal of time on the sofa.

Friday, I went to see Sifu and he suggested acupuncture. He put the needles in and connected electrodes to the ones directly over the ankle. As I lay there, electricity pulsating through my ankle, I thought, “What have I done to myself this time.


Sifu thought it could be a high ankle sprain. My heart sank to the very pit of my stomach. Of all the injuries you could hope not to become inflicted with, this injury would be top of the list. He sent me home with a fresh bottle of the herb that increases blood flow and instructions to take four pills three times a day saying this would help my body begin to heal on its own sooner.

I took the herbs religiously and researched “sore ankle” vigorously.  A fascinating bit of trivia I discovered was that the ankle flexes and extends about 750 times per mile you run. During a marathon, your ankle will flex as much as 20,000 times!

Research also revealed multiple causes for a sore ankle: tight calves, arthritis, tendonitis, sudden twisting, uneven surfaces, worn out shoes or simply overuse. I’m still at a loss.

Finally, this Tuesday the soreness seemed to subside and yesterday I went back to the track. I held my breath as I took the first few steps. It’s not uncommon for runners to fear running again after an injury. You dread the possibility that the pain may still be there or that your feet will simply fail you altogether. I jumped up and down in the kitchen to test for pain before I left. I ran back and forth down the hall.

This time that ankle was sore but not painful. By the end of the run, even the soreness was gone altogether. Maybe I overreacted? Maybe I caught whatever it is in time? Maybe it will be back with a vengeance tomorrow? Who knows. All I am sure of today is that learning about this sport continues.


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