NaBloPoMo: Panic

I started my second NaBloPoMo post last night. One paragraph into it, I deleted the file. Started again – hit select all and backspaced. I walked around the house for an hour, holding the iPad, saying to myself, “What am I going to write about?!” A couple of times I said, what have I done.

Finally, I drafted a post. Massaged it, saved it, put it away for the night, came back to edit it while I was brushing my teeth, went to bed, decided I’d delete it when I woke up this morning, re-read it, edited some more, added a picture, previewed it a dozen times and finally sent it to my husband for review. He replied, “Big commitment for a month.”

Now my heart is beating fast, the very life is scared out of me.

This is all that’s left of NaBloPoMo post Number two.


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