NaBloPoMo: No

There have been times in life when I realize I have made a mistake. It’s not my personality to quit so the realization does not necessarily coincide with giving up. You may push yourself through the post-commitment-trauma phase and find the instincts that led you down the path in the first place were brilliant. The other 99% of the time, you cut and run.

imageDuring coffee yesterday, I tried to catch up on my reading and at the same time determine the topic for a post. Over the weekend I had created a list of topics that would take me through the whole week. I even forced my husband to write a story about life in Ecuador so we could have a he-said/she-said recount of the event. None of these topics appealed to me in the early morning light of Monday.

I wrote my sister-in-law, who’s opinion I respect very much, and asked what she thought about a blogger posting every day. While I waited on her response, I wrote a post. Then the clock repairman called……

Every clock in our house needs a little tweaking and he was ready to stop by. He is a retired industrial engineer with fascinating stories. He knows everything in the world about clocks and educated me on the intricacies of every clock in our house with a wonderfully, captivating manner. I was enjoying talking to him immensely….but, I had to write.

It was a beautiful day, perhaps one of the last 60 degree days we’ll have for months and I rode my bicycle for an hour. Then I worked in the yard and re-stocked the firewood around the house. The dogs were playing and chasing each other, but I couldn’t stay….I really needed to write.


After dinner I still didn’t have the topic for today’s post, I had not studied my Kung Fu or caught up on email. I hadn’t paid the bills or finished the laundry…..and I still needed to write. I went to bed resolved.

This has been fun for a few days. I’ve met new, fascinating bloggers who have discovered me during this challenge. But, I like writing when I have something to say…..not simply because it is today. I admire the folks that write every day. It takes time.

There are many topics left unexplored, exciting new things happening in life, and my husband thought it was torture to write one post so I had better well work that into the schedule. Yes, you will hear from me often enough, just not every day.

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