Room by Room Revival: the 3rd floor

It has come to my attention that the rooms of my house are in fact like human beings. Some come together effortlessly, as if they were privy to an exclusive set of directions on life. Others take their sweet time, pulling themselves together without warning while sporting an attitude that life was planned this way all along. A few appear to be top-notch, but do not dare look inside their closet.

Another significant portion of us fall into the category of “almost finished,” whereby we find ourselves 90% complete. . . save for that one, or maybe two things. Most of my home now falls into this category; room after room finished, except for the drapes, or that perfect chest of drawers/book-case/rug/mirror.

With this in mind, it is a miracle that our 3rd floor finds itself complete. If we had made a list of the rooms that would be finished first, not one room on this floor would have made the cut. There was every indication the 3rd floor may not even be finished before Christmas. The entire floor looked like a bomb had exploded. . . until now.


3rd Stairway Before
3rd Floor Stairway Before
3rd floor stairway in-progress
3rd Floor Stairway In-Progress
3rd stairway after
3rd Floor Stairway After



The Guest Room before.

2nd floor

The Guest Room After – the original wrought iron chandelier was in the home’s kitchen.

guest room 1_after1



The Third Floor Bedroom/Office Before.

3rd floor office before.

After. . .

3rd fl office 2
3rd Floor Office After – with another original wrought iron chandelier; the perfect room for my office.


The 3rd floor bathroom before.

3rd bath before

3rd Floor Bath Demolished

3rd bath in-progress
3rd Floor Bath In-Progress.
Taking possession of a hallway linen closet gave way to a shower for the 3rd floor bath.
Taking possession of a hallway linen closet made room for a larger shower.


Paint Colors:

Stairway, Hall & Landing: Olympic Honey Beige (B15-2)

Guest Room: Sherwin Williams Escape Gray (SW6185)

3rd Floor Office: Sherwin Williams Monochrome (HGSW1454)

3rd Floor Bath: Sherwin Williams Monochrome (HGSW1454)

Trim: Sherwin Williams Fundamental White (HGSW4001)

Interior Doors: Sherwin Williams Raven Wing (HGSW1442)

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