Kiss the Frog

imageWhen the love bug strikes, we don’t always see things as they really are. For the first couple of dates, you may not even realize she sticks her tongue out ever so slightly when she’s concentrating, or that he wore a hat for good reason. Either you’ll find these things endearing, or you’ll realize you have just kissed a frog.

We set out last Sunday to see our little cabin in the woods for the 3rd time. Setting out with four dogs is much easier said than done, of course.

With roughly 240 total pounds of dog in a Jeep for 3 hours, not one extra anything is allowed to tag along. Clothes are packed into the smallest bag available with not one extra thread included; dog food measured to the precise mouthful. . . not one extra bite, and since we have one lunatic dog (Dylan), all these chores are accomplished with a straight face so-to-speak for fear that lunatic dog figures out what’s going on and becomes a whirling dervish. With bags packed, and dogs loaded, we set off for the mountains.

The next morning we were so excited to see our little cabin again. The previous owner’s stuff would be cleared away, and we would finally see a blank canvas.

The original part of the cabin ends two windows past the front porch.

My husband snapped a picture of my tracing paper remodel, and had sent it to the contractor who was busy with the demolition. He would meet us at the cabin mid-morning on Monday.

The original cabin and now ‘open’ living area, kitchen, hallway bath & master closet
The 1980s addition, including the laundry/mud room, powder room, guest room, and master bedroom.

We were the first to arrive giving us an opportunity to leisurely walk the property. My husband went one direction, and I the other. By the time I saw him again, I was speechless. There was nothing I hadn’t already seen during our previous two visits, except that now I actually saw what I was looking at, and it was a mess. I had kissed a frog.

It has been said a proper kiss will turn a frog into a prince. . .

The kitchen ‘before’
The kitchen being re-organized.
The now ‘open’ Family Room
The kitchen cabinets will extend across the wall on the right.

We stood in what will become the master shower for an inordinate amount of time while I attempted to convince everyone it will be ok if the vaulted ceiling extends right through the shower. They very reluctantly acquiesced, although I will never hear the end of this one if I’m wrong.

The master closet looking into the master bedroom: half of this room will be the master closet while the other half becomes a shower.

Newspapers had been used as insulation under the floors, and the guys saved them for us. They were dated 1974.



A storage barn full of character.


Sometimes you just have to get to know someone better to realize those little quirks are endearing, indeed. Glad I kissed this frog.

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