Location, Location, Location

If you could live anywhere, and I mean anywhere, where would it be? This has been the question around my house for years. It led us to South Carolina when I was no longer willing to make the 2-day drive (with 4 dogs) from Florida to our summer home in Chicago. A few years later it was the question that prompted us to move our summer home from Chicago to the mountains of Western North Carolina, our main home from South Carolina to Ecuador and then to Atlanta, and finally a consolidated “us” went to Greensboro . . . our new perfect city.

Eventually, you begin to get a feel for places. We’ve lived in California and Texas, Illinois and Ohio, and nearly every state of the Deep South. If we haven’t lived there, chances are one or both of us have traveled there. You look at places on the map, and instinctively have a feel for what it would be like to live there, except for here. I completely miscalculated this place.

Greensboro winters are not so different than mountain winters – maybe a tad less snow, but summers are as hot as blue blazes. Buying a cabin in the mountains was to remedy this problem, but we thought, why have two houses if one place fits the bill? The consolidated “us” decided to move back to the mountains for good.

Quietly, we put the final touches on our lovely, old home: touching up the paint wherever it was flawed, organizing the last closet upstairs, and pulling the ivy from the last flower bed. We would hand the keys over to our trusted realtor for the summer, and see what happened.

imageRealtors do not drag their feet. Pictures were taken, a brochure printed, and our numbers registered in the Centralized Showing Service. Three times in three days we turned on every light in the house, loaded the dogs into the Jeep, and drove to the park at the end of the street for a showing.

The first two showings were a ‘no show,’ and the third was wrapped up in 20 minutes, maybe less. We were discouraged, and ready to take it off the market already. This was a hassle to say the least.

I had left my phone in the Jeep and didn’t see the message for over an hour. Our lovely, old home sold last Friday, and it seems now there very may well be just one more renovation in our future.

Following are the rooms we had not yet revealed. To see the whole house, visit the MLS listing here.





Originally a powder room, we stole space from the closet of the adjoining office/bedroom and created a full bath downstairs.







The superstitious side of me believes a house will not sell until you have done everything you are meant to do to that house. Before our last showing, I had moved this key tassel from the office door to the bathroom door, and decided now it was in the perfect spot.  I was finally finished with everything, and I knew it was time to let someone else enjoy our lovely, old home. It sold a few hours later.

2 thoughts on “Location, Location, Location

    1. Two homes are definitely more work, and we’re ready for less work for sure! We’ll probably sell the cabin furnished (eventually), and the buyers have a list of things they’d like to purchase. It will be fun to start somewhat fresh.


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