To Plant A Garden

The trees are bare; the flowers asleep,
Spending cold nights counting their sheep.
The air is cold; the days are short,
Our spirit they clamor to thwart.

The crocus arrive early, to the gardener’s delight,
Easter-egg colors of yellow, lavender, and white.
Bursting onto the scene, they spread their warm cheer,
And slam the door shut on our frigid despair.

So let us tend our gardens with care
As we look forward to springtime air,
For the beauty of nature will not fade,
And the joy of gardening is one spade away.

This message to gardeners from coast to coast,
Who sow their gardens with love and a rich compost,
The reward of new growth and beauty second to none,
Will nourish the gardener in everyone.

For to plant a garden
Is more than growing sneezewort or yarrow;
To plant a garden
Is to believe in tomorrow.

Best wishes this holiday season
for you, the gardener, and your beloved garden.

Marcia Boyle
The Fartlek

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