img_2948Fartlek, which means “speed play” in Swedish, is an unstructured training method that blends continuous training with interval training; intensity and/or speed varies as the athlete wishes. One of the main reasons for the success of fartlek training is that it is adapted to the needs of the individual.

It seems to me that life is a fartlek: continuous, unstructured training interspersed with catastrophes, unexpected changes, and sweet little surprises that vary the intensity of life.

I’ve been involved in competitive sports since my early teens. In my early 30s, I took up running as a form of cross-training for tennis. Eventually, I quit tennis and started running every day. In 2007, at age 47, I ran my first road race – a 10k, followed by a half marathon, and then a marathon later that same year. Running became my passion, ending only after an injury dictated surgery or retirement. The doctor warned the surgery wasn’t always successful, and I retired in 2019 at age 59. My last race was the Chicago Lakefront 50k. It was my favorite distance.

I started this blog in 2013, and although I never intended to limit myself to running topics, researching and writing about marathon training, racing and injuries was my favorite pastime for those early years. The Anatomy of a Runner posts ultimately became a major focus for the blog and a topic I’ve enjoyed writing about immensely.

I also enjoy interior design, gardening, Tai Chi/Wing Chun, and playing the piano. I went back to school at 54 years old, and graduated with a certificate in Outdoor Leadership and Wilderness Emergency Medicine. This led to becoming certified as a Wilderness First Responder, National Registry EMT-B, Wilderness EMT, and as a Swift Water Rescue Professional. For the next five years I served on the Board of a non-profit, MedicForce, and served as a proctor for EMT training at SOLO/NOC in the Nantahala Gorge of North Carolina.

In 2020, I went to school once again and became certified as a North Carolina Extension Master Gardener, which has definitely influenced my writing topics. I go for long walks these days instead of long runs, and I work in the garden for as long as the day allows.

This is the tale of my life.

Marcia Boyle


Disclaimer: This is a blog with dynamic content. This content may vary, change, or become obsolete as I research new ideas and learn new things, which may result in a post being updated, modified, or deleted entirely. The information within this blog is intended purely for entertainment and informational purposes. Readers should accept responsibility for their own due diligence in regard to any information contained in this blog.

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