Race Results

This page includes race info from my first 9 years of running. I’ve run other races since the last race listed here, including my first ultra marathon in 2017, but eventually stopped keeping track of the details.

(Age Group Position, Female Overall, Overall)

March 2016
Tobacco Road Marathon
Cary, N.C.
5/14 (55-59 AG), 229/409, 634/973

Race Review: The Running Formula

December 2015
Mistletoe Run Half Marathon
Winston-Salem, NC
2/19 (55-59 AG), 382/858 Overall

Race Review: Win, Place, or Finish?

October 2014
Cherokee Harvest Half Marathon
Cherokee, N.C.
1/11 (50-54 AG), 45/198, 126/341

Race Review: “There is no bad weather, only bad gear.”

September 2014
Outdoorsman Triathlon
Bryson City, NC
Peter Lindberg, Marcia Boyle, Clayton Slade/Dylan Coward
Southwestern CC, NC
0:35:47 0:33:53 1:54:42 3:04:22
3rd Place Overall Relay Collegiate

Race Review: The Outdoorsmens Triathlon and a 3rd Place Finish

August 2014
The Dam Race (10k)
Fontana Dam, NC
1st Place AG, 4th Female Overall, 8th Overall

Race Review: The Dam Race and a Personal Best Time!

May 2014
New River Marathon
Todd, N.C.
2/6 (50-59 AG), 23/65, 71/149

Race Review: We promise to give you approximately 26.2 tough and memorable miles.

October 2013
Marine Corps Marathon
Arlington, Virginia
336/723, 5778/9992, 15,622/23,732

Race Review: Marine Corps Postmortem

April 2013
Valley of the Lilies Half Marathon
Cullowhee, North Carolina
1/11 (50-59AG), 13/94, 57/174

Race Review: It’s Race Day! What’s our Strategy?

January 2013
Hot Chocolate 10k   Greenville, South Carolina
1st GrandMaster Female, 49/437, 189/735

October 2012

Des Plaines River Run Trail Marathon   Des Plaines, Illinois
1st (50-59AG), 17/72, 67/181

January 2012
Resolution Run Half Marathon.  Greenville, South Carolina
2nd (50-59AG), 24/102, 75/197

September 2011
Fox Valley Marathon  Chicago, Illinois
5th (50-54AG), 98/376, 342/853

Greenville News 5k    Greenville, South Carolina
3rd (50-54AG)

Spinx Runfest Half Marathon  Greenville, South Carolina
3rd GrandMaster Female

Greer Earth Day Half Marathon/State Championship    Greer, S.C.
2nd GrandMaster Female

Green Valley 10 Mile.  Greenville, South Carolina
4th (45-49AG)

Blessing of the Fleet 10 Mile   Narragansett, Rhode Island

Greenville News 5k   Greenville, South Carolina
3rd (45-49AG)

Snickers Marathon   Albany, Georgia
5th (45-49AG)


LaSalle Bank Marathon   Chicago, Illinois

Race Review: The Chicago Marathon Unwrapped

Banco Popular Chicago Half Marathon

Lifesavers 5k   Chicago

WRIGLEY Early start 10k.     Chicago
3rd (45-49AG)

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