Race Results

(Age Group Position, Female Overall, Overall)

This page includes race info from my first 9 years of running. I’ve run other races since the last race listed here, including my first ultra marathon in 2017, but it seemed this page could go on forever and I stopped recording the specifics.


March 2016
Tobacco Road Marathon
Cary, N.C.
5/14 (55-59 AG), 229/409, 634/973

Race Review: The Running Formula


December 2015
Mistletoe Run Half Marathon
Winston-Salem, NC
2/19 (55-59 AG), 382/858 Overall

Race Review: Win, Place, or Finish?


October 2014
Cherokee Harvest Half Marathon
Cherokee, N.C.
1/11 (50-54 AG), 45/198, 126/341

Race Review: “There is no bad weather, only bad gear.”


September 2014
Outdoorsman Triathlon
Bryson City, NC
Peter Lindberg, Marcia Boyle, Clayton Slade/Dylan Coward
Southwestern CC, NC
0:35:47 0:33:53 1:54:42 3:04:22
3rd Place Overall Relay Collegiate

Race Review: The Outdoorsmens Triathlon and a 3rd Place Finish


August 2014
The Dam Race (10k)
Fontana Dam, NC
1st Place AG, 4th Female Overall, 8th Overall

Race Review: The Dam Race and a Personal Best Time!


May 2014
New River Marathon
Todd, N.C.
2/6 (50-59 AG), 23/65, 71/149

Race Review: We promise to give you approximately 26.2 tough and memorable miles.


October 2013
Marine Corps Marathon
Arlington, Virginia
336/723, 5778/9992, 15,622/23,732

Race Review: Marine Corps Postmortem


April 2013
Valley of the Lilies Half Marathon
Cullowhee, North Carolina
1/11 (50-59AG), 13/94, 57/174

Race Review: It’s Race Day! What’s our Strategy?


January 2013
Hot Chocolate 10k   Greenville, South Carolina
1st GrandMaster Female, 49/437, 189/735

October 2012

Des Plaines River Run Trail Marathon   Des Plaines, Illinois
1st (50-59AG), 17/72, 67/181

January 2012
Resolution Run Half Marathon.  Greenville, South Carolina
2nd (50-59AG), 24/102, 75/197

September 2011
Fox Valley Marathon  Chicago, Illinois
5th (50-54AG), 98/376, 342/853

Greenville News 5k    Greenville, South Carolina
3rd (50-54AG)

Spinx Runfest Half Marathon  Greenville, South Carolina
3rd GrandMaster Female

Greer Earth Day Half Marathon/State Championship    Greer, S.C.
2nd GrandMaster Female

Green Valley 10 Mile.  Greenville, South Carolina
4th (45-49AG)

Blessing of the Fleet 10 Mile   Narragansett, Rhode Island

Greenville News 5k   Greenville, South Carolina
3rd (45-49AG)

Snickers Marathon   Albany, Georgia
5th (45-49AG)


LaSalle Bank Marathon   Chicago, Illinois

Race Review: The Chicago Marathon Unwrapped


Banco Popular Chicago Half Marathon

Lifesavers 5k   Chicago

WRIGLEY Early start 10k.     Chicago
3rd (45-49AG)

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