Season finale

Life can perk along for months or years without so much as a moment falling out of sequence when suddenly everything shoots sky high leaving us, at least momentarily, with a cliff-hanger. . . this page of life hesitating ever so slightly before it folds down quietly against the previous chapters of life.


imageIt’s two gentlemen that have made the offer to purchase our lovely, old home in Greensboro, North Carolina. Quite nice folks as we understand, and they seem to have become equally enchanted with this old house. In these modern times of real estate, however, it is the due diligence period that will suck the oxygen right out of a deal.

For eleven days our Buyers have poked and prodded every square inch of our lovely, old home to ensure they are as attracted to everything within the house as they were to its outward appearances. Due diligence ends this Thursday – just four more days.


imageThe roof of our lovely, old home angles upward at each of its peaks, a common feature of the Tudor Revival, but misunderstood by the inspector as a flaw.

Then there was the leaning chimney and the bow in the garage wall. . . although not one mention of all the ivy I have generously cleared from the garden.


Meanwhile, my husband and I have found the perfect forever home midway between Maggie Valley and Waynesville, North Carolina. It is conveniently situated to all the things we enjoy doing about town, a very short drive (or bicycle ride) to my favorite track at the Rec Center, and the house is modestly grand, romantic and elegant all at once. We did not hesitate to submit our offer, except the one and only person that could accept our offer is out of the country. . . for four more days.

We hope this beautiful French Provincial style home will become our forever home.
Though it seems it is the Ivy that will be with me forever.

Even before the season finale, producers and writers are concocting next season’s script. We don’t know how things will play out. There will probably be a few new characters. Old contracts will be renewed while others are dropped altogether, and you never know when the season premiere will leave you shocked and breathless.

We’ve decided to wait out due diligence in residence – to wait for the page to quietly fall against the previous chapters of life. And by this time next week, the season premiere will have already begun – shocked and breathless, or otherwise.