Surviving a Month of Gluttony


Eight Santa Claus clad in varying outfits waited patiently on the kitchen island while I had coffee. Another six were in the plastic buckets that held more Christmas decorations than I have room for. Garland meandered across the kitchen floor. Spools of ribbon begs an answer of how it will be used this year.

Yet, my little red calendar said nothing about decorating for Christmas, catching up on the laundry, freezing the leftovers, going to the grocery store or going Christmas shopping. Today, my little red calendar said cross train.

After a week of birthday truffles and a Thanksgiving feast, I’m beginning to worry there aren’t enough fat clothes in my closet to make it through the holidays. This is the worst time of year to stick with a program: a diet, exercise, whatever. There’s simply too many other things calling our name. Take heart, we all live in this boat.

It’s not a totally impossible task. It is simply one that takes a little effort….adaptation.


December has 31 days and fortunately the bulk of the mishaps will occur at the end of the month. This gives us almost three weeks to ease into a strategy, to adapt.

image5. Prioritize. This month when it comes to food, pick your battles. If you don’t love it, just say no thank you. Save the calories for something you may find you can’t live without. I can resist a monstrous red velvet cake but life may end as we all know it if I have to give up my grandmother’s butterfinger recipe.

4. Strategize. Sometimes when the house is full of guests my husband and I will hatch a plan so that both of us can work out. He takes everybody out for breakfast while I exercise, then I take them shopping while he exercises. Find a buddy that will help you stay on track.

3. Compromise. You’re going to eat something you wish you hadn’t or something you knew you shouldn’t have. It’s ok to splurge – go back to number five.

2. Offense. My best defense is a good offense. Set a Goal. I’ve been setting up next year’s race calendar. While other runners are making excuses that the month is too busy to exercise, I’ll be a whole month ahead of schedule. Having a goal keeps you motivated, focused. The goal could also be fitting into that pretty, little party dress by New Year’s Eve. It all works here.

1. Be Merry! Relax and have fun. Everything counts this month – even if you’re not as good as you’d hoped to be. It’s a crazy time. Exercise as often as you can, eat consciously….but, you may as well have fun and not take anything too serious.